Clarinet Day 2

Yesterday I looked in the corner of my office at the random pile of instruments (for my students) and realized I had an extra clarinet. It’s brand new, made of wood (i.e. not cheap plastic), and made by Oxford (it’s a student model). Well, I had an hour free between meetings and rehearsals yesterday and decided to open it up. Mind you, I’ve never played a single reed instrument before except in woodwind methods as an undergraduate. Even that was pretty minimal as I chose the flute that semester and watched everyone else suffer through reeds (I did bassoon for a while as part of the double reed segment).

(As an aside, it’s a really odd concept to know how to teach something but not to play it).

So, yesterday I started on an open G and got through the first pentascale (C-G) on it. Today I reviewed them a bit and learned the B, A, and G below that. So yep – now I’ve got a scale (not major though since I didn’t learn F#). That’s my accomplishment of the day – a graduate music student who just learned “When the Saints go Marching In’ on the Clarinet… in quarter notes. 🙂


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