Sitars, etc.

Well, I finally got to play a sitar. I had a lovely nearly-two-hour lesson with a friend (shown below) who brought his sitar in to let me sit with it and feel the energy of it in my hands. Of course, I fell in love with the instrument after about an hour or so. I had been wanting to buy one for years now, but as they’re rather expensive, I didn’t want to purchase one until I had the chance to hold it and see how accessible things like lessons and repair would be. I’m so grateful to finally have had the chance. I’ll be purchasing one from Sitars, etc. within the next couple weeks.

I learned basics of holding, moving frets, note names, etiquette, note bending, how to use the sympathetic strings, and purchasing. I am so, so grateful to my friend Curtis (an orchestral string bassist with a sitar habit, by the way) for taking time out of his day to show me.


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