Hello there, WordPress…Virtual U-Haul Time!

I have this propensity to discover a particular webspace, get snug with its look and feel, feed and nurture it, then up and abandon it. I’m constantly renting virtual U-Hauls for myself. It’s a bit peculiar, as it doesn’t seem to translate into any other aspect of my life. I’ve been on this great hunt for an aesthetically pleasing customizable blog host now since livejournal first launched ten years ago – before the word ‘blog’ was coined. Yet, this particular blog’s function stands to minister to my professional development as a maturing ethnomusicologist. I need an online office space where I can post musical memories and experiences.  I do believe one of the roots of my virtual space shifts is that I don’t yet trust hosting services completely – I’m afraid of losing work and memories.  I don’t trust hardware either.  Of course, most people would say I just think too much about it. So far, I’m remarkably at ease and enjoying the mobile capabilities of wordpress. Cheers!

***Please note that I’m adding posts from previous blogs and back-dating them. Anything prior to this post has been back-dated according to its original post date 🙂


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