Friday night on Frenchman with the Brian Coogan Band

Tonight’s traipsing through the French Quarter led me to DBA listening to the Brian Coogan Band. Brian’s a talented young keyboardist/vocalist who plays with a lot of big names around the city, and is quickly becoming one himself.

Tonight, my friends’ boyfriend happened to be sitting in with them (boasting his PBR shirt on tenor), so listening became obligatory.. in a good way! They were engaging – a mix of funk with a definite New Orleans flare.

The crowd was much improved to last week on Frenchman when the area was taken over by hipsters in an attempt to crawl out of their uptown bubble.

If you’re curious, below is a clip from a performance they did last year that I found on YouTube. I would have recorded a bit tonight, but it would have required me to put down a lovely pint of Rogue Mocha 🙂

Anyway, in this clip some of the band members were different, but they did this piece tonight also:


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