Tuesday Night Rehearsal with the New Orleans Concert Band

I play with NOCB weekly (our website here). Right now we’re preparing for our two July 4th gigs. Knowing we have to please the audience who want to hear things they know, we’re drowning in movie theme songs, patriotic medleys, and showtunes. I have to admit I am enjoying the Lennon/McCartney portrait..

The best quote of the night came from a horn player pursuing her PhD in Music Education who noted that the only thing worse than a John Williams piece is a John Williams piece arranged by Robert W. Smith… (okay, so I wish I could claim that quote – the best I can do is archive it on my blog).

After almost fours years of membership in NOCB, these will be my last two concerts with them as I prepare to move to Florida. The band is several steps above most civic/community ensembles, and just one step below the esteemed Northshore Concert Band in Evanston, Illinois. The group will get there though. We’ve performed some incredible wind band repertoire together. I can’t wait to see the direction they take in the next few years, and can’t wait to hop back in my seat (if there’s a spot) when I return to New Orleans in a few years…

Here are two clips from our last concert in May:



  1. Oh darn, the clips don’t seem to have any sound (not on this end, anyway).

    I wish I could claim that quote, too!

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