Pickin’ Up My Pink Guitar

Actually I don’t have a pick. I’m not a guitar player. I never have been.

I’ve owned two in my life – the first was a beautiful Alvarez sunburst acoustic given to me by an ex as a birthday gift. The second is this nifty pink electric lady you see in the pic. My partner won her in some kind of mail-in travel contest or something, and she’s never picked up an instrument in her life. It’s a shame for her to sit here untouched, don’t you think?

You see, I’ve always wanted to play. I just never actually tried. Last year I went through this period of picking it up, playing through a couple of online lessons, and giving up a few days later. I guess I know enough to teach a beginner student 2-3 lessons before passing them off to someone better.

Well yesterday I made a list of all of the instruments I want to learn how to play and guitar was at the top of the list. So today I picked her up and introduced myself.

Being a music teacher, I have several guitar lesson books, and am pretty well-versed in the land of free guitar lessons online. I reacquainted myself with some “parts of the guitar” and “how to tune the guitar” online videos, and then I set off on my journey. Step one? C major Scale – ah the Type A classical musician inside me needs patterns and scales, needs building blocks.

I used the nifty iTick metronome application on my iPhone set to 40bpm and started off learning the scale, one quarter note at a time. Thirty minutes later, I ended at 70bpm and played 4 notes per pitch up and down the scale. I went from largo to lento, to adagio. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try for Andante (oooohhh). Oh, and I need a dang pick. I also hacked my way through the Beatles’ “Let it Be” starting on 2nd-line G, though I’m having trouble skipping strings.

Discipline is an odd thing. I remember practicing scales on my horn for HOURS when I was a kid with no ADHD issues. After ten minutes today, I got frustrated with myself for not ‘getting it’ right away. I suppose because I have music degree(s), my mind things I should pick it up faster. Not so, kemo sabe. It’s back to the basics for me. I lasted 40 minutes today on that one scale. I even made a short YouTube video of my progress for my own archives.

Let’s see how long this lasts ’til something shiny comes along, shall we?

Onward & Upward!


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