4 down…

Since there are 11 minutes left to this week I thought I would finally get around to doing my ‘end of the week’ post. It really was an excellent week overall. I felt better than I have in a while (physically), and I felt very focused and on top of my task list. Increasingly alarming family issues continue to arise, and old ghosts seemed to have worked their way into my world this week. Regardless, I’m happy to continue my trek.

Our Venezuelan Artist-in-Residence (see previous post) was a success, and I am so appreciative for the experience. I have a post to create specifically on this matter, so I’ll leave it for now. It ended with a fantastic show on Friday night, and I even cracked open a Yeungling for the occasion! Question: When did sitting down at a jazz club to have one drink become ‘an occasion’? Dorothy, I don’t think we live in New Orleans anymore…

Productivity was up 4.5% from last week, and I ended with 82.5% (106.5) of my projected 129 hours complete. I’m happy about the increase, but still not satisfied with the percentage. I rocked the sleep hours this week, and on Saturday I even took a 3-hr afternoon nap! I know, you’re saying “really – do I care?”.. well, remember that I write this for my own review later on. That’s why I do the stats. I like to look back on them and reflect –

My partner and I raided Best Buy & Borders on Saturday after our cleaning spree. I walked out with five new books, three music documentaries, and Seven Years in Tibet (on DVD). Today I sunk into a bath with one of the books, The Alchemist, and two pruny hours later, I had finished it and was ready for the next one. Oh, and I loved the book. If you haven’t read it, you probably should.

I’m addicted to the Matador travel network. It’s really a travel junkie’s paradise. This past year, they’ve started a new concept, MatadorU. They offer two courses: one in travel writing, and one in travel photography. I’m considering the travel writing course. I feel like it could be very useful in ethnomusicology. We’re being trained to write like nobody without a terminal degree can possibly decipher (well, I know several who could, but you get the point), and I hate the thought that my fieldwork writings would be inaccessible to my informants. We’re supposed to balance it with ethnography right? Sounds good to me. Plus, okay – I have this secret craving to write an article for BBC or Nat Geo’s world music section..

As far as actual ‘learning’ goes this week, so much of it has to do with the music of Venezuela (and again, that will be another post).

Everything else:

• Louisiana educational politics never cease to amaze me. LSU System President Lombardi (who should be on the planet’s top list of scoundrels) fired UNO’s Chancellor, Tim Ryan. This is a huge deal. I am one angry New Orleanian, and one huge fan of Ryan.
• Anna Lomax (daughter of the late ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax) uncovers Haiti’s lost music. Read more at Huffington Post.
• My physical anxiety is rooted in procrastination and in moments of planned rest – i.e. weekends.
• Bruno Nettl wrote an article on the ethnomusicology of Mozart’s Vienna. Note to self: find it!
• It’s entirely possible to live in a country or region and still be a musicultural outsider (maybe more than ever…)
• It’s entirely possible for a husky (i.e. mine) to scale and jump over a 6-foot fence.

Ready for week 5...


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  1. Wow, stats. That’s truly impressive, but I’m not sure it would have worked for me in grad school. Starting to count the hours I logged was one of the reasons I left my job. The pay per hour was just too low for the quality of life — but it’s definitely different if you’re in it for the learning, and getting something valuable from the experience.

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