mag roll

One of my bucket list entries includes the creation of a U.S.-based magazine that explores international travel through music – i.e. festival circuits, various pop spotlights, global musician ethnographies, etc. – kind of like if you were to pull out the music section of National Geographic and just publish that – with the inclusion of indigenous/traditional musics as well as current popular music. As far as I know, nothing exists (though I have found some good ones that almost take me there).

I do, however, have some favorite  music magazines and wanted to share. They’re even alphabetical. Aren’t I nice? 🙂

1. Alternative Press -alt, punk, hardcore, metal, pop-punk news.

2. Clash – UK based, pop

3. Kerrang – a weekly rock magazine

4. MixMag – dance & club music

5. Mojo – UK Based, Pop & Classical Rock

6. Offbeat – the New Orleans music bible

7. Q – UK-based Music News & Reviews

8. Rolling Stone – still awesome. Music, politics, and pop culture.

9. Score – South India’s pop music mag

10. Spin – Rolling Stones’ US Rival. News, Reviews, etc.

11. Vibe – U.S. Hip-hop

12. Wire – “Adventures in Modern Music ”

P.S. If you know of anything I should be reading, let me know!


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