Jennifer Post’s “Ethnomusicology: A Research and Information Guide”

I finally got my hands on a copy of this text. It’s like Christmas! Jennifer Post, an Assistant Professor at Middlebury College, compiled this bibliographic reference text in 2004. As an aside, the Middlebury College website needs some serious updates, including a faculty directory (with short bios) and correct archives.

This book provides topical and regional research guides (including anthropological texts), an annotated list of encyclopedias and dictionaries, regional bibliographies, discographies, abstracting tools, a list of annotated journals, a great chapter on film and video recordings, and a comprehensive section on world music literature divided into both regional and conceptual categories (such as dance, education, fieldwork, gender, folklore, pop music, etc).

Notably, there is an excellent name and subject index that can be super helpful as well. I foresee my Amazon wish list getting larger after I work through it.

I’ve been excited about this text for a few years, however I’ve just never had my hands on it. Post was a bibliographer for the journal Ethnomusicology for several years.  She compiled sources from the journal, the Yearbook for Traditional Music, other journals and past bibliographic references. She was the perfect candidate to compile such a resource, and did an excellent job. I will keep my fingers crossed that an updated version is published every few years so that it’s possible to stay current.

I suppose my only gripe is that ‘New Orleans’ isn’t listed in the subject directory.

This text is so important to folks like me who are sorting through the planet in an attempt to design a feasible fieldwork project that will culminate in a thesis/dissertation.


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