The 50 Most Important Queer Women in Music

I generally don’t cross-post, however this was an excellent find. Kudos to Trish at for compiling this list of The 50 Most Important Queer Women in Music. Though I completely disagree on many of the rankings and a number of women who were left out altogether, it certainly proves the point that queer women have made a giant impact on the popular music industry.



  1. Now there’s a post after my heart! I’m fascinated with the photos alone. Those faces clearly have so many stories to tell.

    Which additional women would you have included?

  2. I’m going to leave another comment here.

    The inclusion high up on that list of Dusty Springfield reminded me of both an incident in her career and a couple of events in my own life. From there I travelled to a place close to something you asked me in a recent email, and found myself considering the ability to step outside culture and look at it from a different viewpoint.

    It led to a blog entry – link below – which just might interest you as an ethnomusicologist. I know I’m a lay person, but what the hell…

    (I hope this comment field accepts links)

    1. I was irked at this also. Apparently she’s too dead to be influential according to the author (yet Dusty Springfield & Ma Rainey make the list?)…

  3. My name is B.Steadwell, I’m one half of the queer musical duo, The Lost Bois. We both love making music, and want nothing more than to share it with our family. I hope you like it!

    much respect,


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