Meet Alice, a 106 year old pianist – & the oldest living Holocaust survivor.



  1. I watched this tearing up throughout, with all kinds of irrelevant nonsense running through my head:

    … Chopin is difficult enough, but at 106 with arthritis?

    … tears flowing when I heard that Rafi had survived the war, but immense sadness at the unstated fact that obviously his mother had outlived him…

    … how the hell did anyone ever “buy” Theresienstadt? I know that hindsight is 20:20, but the moral myopia needed to swallow the concept of forcing part of a population to live separately is staggering…

    … why the hell didn’t we rebuild European jewry after the war? Why didn’t we help people rebuild homes, businesses, and synagogues? Why the hell did we heave a sigh of relief when people emigrated to Palestine?

    … why can’t I be more like Alice? No one ever tried to kill me, and yet I feel such rancour against the “bastards” of the world…

    You find some brilliant clips for us, dani – bless you and thank you.

    1. Marie, your comment moved me almost as much as the video. All four of my Grandparents were survivors: Two of the concentration camps, to who escaped just before kristalnacht. Knowing there are people out there who “get it,” not just crazies like ahmadenejad is a comfort to people like me. thanks

      1. Ilana, I’m only a middle-aged, over-emotional historian/anarchist/poet. I’ll bet there are actually a lot of people “out there” like me. 🙂

  2. “Life is beautiful, every day.” This is so incredibly moving. Such a gentle, forgiving soul, just thankful for life and no thoughts of revenge or anger. Thanks for sharing.

  3. All the 100-year-youngsters I interview are an inspiration. Alice so much more than most.

    This U-tube should be played in every home in the country that has an 65+/retirement aged person who would be intrigued with this positive philosophy.

    Blessings to you and yours that have brought us the unforgettable moment. Especially in November, both Alice’s B-day and time of Giving Thanks.


    Mera Kelley

    1. Hi all – you can add a million “put it back” comments on here and it won’t help. It’s not up to me. I didn’t make the video. I just re-posted it from a friend. This kind of thing happens – a lot.

  4. Dear Alice, what beautiful words, about being thankful, what beautiful hands, what beautiful music. Thank you. Happy Birthday!

  5. This video has haunted me for months. I wish I had responded sooner. What an inspiration!!! The power of music, the power of the human spirit, the dignity of a remarkable women who keeps on giving, living, loving and sharing her gifts for so many years will stay with me forever!! Thank you!!!

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