Month: November 2010

Amazing New Orleans Musicians [That you Probably Haven’t Heard of]

Some nice and unsuspecting soul recently asked who my favorite New Orleans musicians are.  This is a really hard question to nail down because there are so many. However below are a few who make my personal top-list. They aren’t in any particular hierarchal order. (more…)


This has been a full evening of grading and creating syllabi. Tomorrow is the first day of the last week of classes. Cue final projects, paper submissions, student emails up the wazoo, oh, and a few of my own things to turn in, too.  Here’s to the beginning of the end!  Now back to grading… 


I found this video posted on another blog I follow and for the life of me I can’t remember which one (I bookmarked the video afterwards). I’ve been reading a lot of Zemp lately. Check out a short video he created while doing fieldwork in the Solomon Islands with the Are’are.  At the risk of being comparative, they take the Venezuelan Quitiplas to a whole new level.