Read a Book!

Do you have 2 minutes and 47 seconds to watch a video today? Then check out this song released in 2007. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth a look. Caution – there’s ‘offensive’ language. Right before I left New Orleans this summer I noticed lots of new graffiti with the same statement, “Read A Book”.  Considering how viral this video by Bomani Armah became over the past year or two, I wouldn’t doubt if all that graffiti was a result of this tune. I also wouldn’t doubt if this was used in local schools. I’ve seen worse.

Known also as D’Mite,  this artist self-identifies as a poet with hip-hop style. This brings us to his other nickname, “Not a Rapper”.

Notable to my own research, Armah also released a song in 2007 about the Jena Six case in Louisiana (also mildly interesting yet entirely unrelated is that I lived on Jena St. in New Orleans when it was released). Remember that the Jena Six case involved six black teenagers from Jena (about 4 hours northwest of New Orleans) who were convicted of beating a white teenager.

Anyway – here it is:



P.S. Read a Book!



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