Sonic Glimpse: Oceania

Here’s a brief glimpse of the musicultures in Oceania. They’re worth a quick listen, even if it’s for a few moments each. In particular check out the chant & susap clip. 

Rolf Harris (Australia):

My favorite Australian tune. I sang this the whole time I was there a few years ago:

Aboriginal Didgeridoo (Australia)

This is terrible video quality, but a great example of what a didgeridoo can do:

This is Jeremy Donovan on didgeridoo. He’s an excellent player, and this is another great example of what a didg can do:

Clapsticks (Australia)

Here’s a short video clip of some guys building clapsticks in Wugularr:

And now how to use them once you’ve got them built:

Susap (Papua New Guinea)

We know it as the jaw harp:

Now check out what happens when you mix susap with chant:

What do you think? Very cool, eh?

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (Hawaii, US)

Ten bucks says you already know this:

Garamut (Papua New Guinea)

I can’t find a great  video clip of a garamut (log drum), so here’s a photo:

Here’s a short clip of a welcome dance. You can hear the garamut (slit-log drum) being played:

Hula (Hawaii, US)

This is a great short documentary video about Hula (2 min) produced by National Geographic:

Hula Pahu (Hawaiian Drum Dance):

Ukulele (Hawaii, US)

Ohto-San (master ukulele performer):

Slack Key Guitar (Hawaii, US)

Jeff Peterson:

Traditional Dance (Kiribati)

Traditional Kiribati dance:

Meke (Fiji)

This is a great slightly-narrated video of traditional Fijian meke (dancing):



  1. I have a didgeridoo. It’s a lot of fun but I am pathetic compared to those guys. I’ve got circle breathing down but I can’t do any animals at all. Maybe if I actually practiced…

    Also I effin’ love slack-key guitar. Such a great style, gets that crazy tone.

    Thanks so much for sharing these.

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