You know you’re in a graduate program in ethnomusicology when…

Your day looks like this:

Since I woke up 18 hours ago, I’ve given a lecture on early jazz, listened to a fantastic lecture on early Scottish/English folk song collectors, spent three hours listening to a lecture on the particular Gamelan music traditions of the Islamic northern coast of Java (mainly Cirebon), participated in a three-hour Balinese gamelan rehearsal, talked for 30-minutes to my ex-African drum-building instructor about coming to do a workshop here, read more about early cultural evolutionists like Morgan (see my last post), edited two friends’ papers, read two chapters in Shadows in the Field, read one chapter in three separate books about North Indian music, reviewed my university’s IRB system, read three articles from Inside Higher Ed, walked the dogs, and responded to several emails about potential volunteer programs in India this summer. I also fit in some random pieces of chocolate from Rome, three cups of tea, a bowl of jumbalaya, and a granola bar. I’ve got three more chapters to read and one more page to write before I get in my car to go home for the day, and I have to be back here in 7 hours. It’s the first full week of the semester.


One comment

  1. Sheesh! Please remember to get some sleep, too.

    By the way, what do you think of Inside Higher Ed? I used to subscribe to their e-mails, but it seemed like they were publishing on the same limited number of topics over and over again (also on their website). I’m interested in the idea of the journal, but I’d like to see them cover some novel topics for a change.

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