Show & Tell: Teagarden, Anth, Ipanema, Bela Fleck on Bach, Ben Franklin, n’ more

I haven’t posted anything from New Orleans last week because I have several upcoming projects where I’ll be using that same material. I’d rather use it there first – so it will be a bit delayed.

Today’s Show and Tell is brought to you by some of the fantastic posts that end up on my google reader feed, things folks show me that are worth sharing, and other random tidbits:

A fantastic recording of Jack Teagarden performing Basin Street Blues in Newport, 1957:

An Awesome New Open Source Site:

Share Anthropology

The Girl From Ipanema (1964):

…because I have to hear this song every few months… (long story, great memory). Excellent clip.

Awesome Blog Find:

History is Made at Night (the politics of dancing and musicking)

Bela Fleck Talks Bach:

“Bluegrass sounds older than Bach.”

Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule:

Found here.

Create Custom Video Playlists:


Joe Morello (1928-2011):


***BONUS: Word Puzzle Wrapping Paper








  1. Didn’t think you’d miss the opportunity to give Joe Morello a good send-off. Who’s he with on this on vibes. Cal Tjader?? Think he did some sets with Cal but not sure.

    I’m big time connecting with Ben Franklin’s process – especially being a Philly native.

    1. I’m not sure who’s on vibes, but I could probably find out… Philly native? Nice! I was there for the first time a few months ago. LOVED the Reading market!

  2. Sorry, but I have to say this: ‘Garota de Ipanema’, definitive version is by Joao Gilberto.

    But thanks for the Joe Morello clip – you remember the clerihew I composed about him? 🙂

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