‘Twas the Tuesday before Bonnaroo…

…when all through the fields,
Every camper was shouting
“Bonnaroooooooo’s almost here!!”

Excuse the grammar below. I’m on
An iPhone here.

Got to Manchester at about 6pm tonight. No lines or waiting at the gate or at super secret vendor check-in. Set up our tent at the edge of the fest, then took a trip to the store for some watermelon margaritas, blueberry bread, and some Chef Boyardee. Met some locals at Subway who were wearing tie dyed shirts so they’d “fit in” with the fest folk.

Walked around a very quiet Centeroo for a couple hours. Folks are working hard. Vendors setting up, stages getting last minute touches before tomorrow’s sound checks, volunteers learning the ropes. Sat in our camp chairs, poured margarita into plastic wine glasses, plopped a little tiki umbrella into the drink, sipped… Listened to Zeppelin pouring through a far-away speaker, Gaga on the stereo at the camp next door, a guy wandering around twanging his banjo. Some pre-fest pics:







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