Cheers [to hurricane season]

I just realized it’s hurricane season. In NOLA, it’s a time when folks dig out MRE’s, axes, & candles, and they start the squirelesque process of ‘stocking up’ on non-perishables. There are some who make a ritual out of the 1st day of the season – trips to the hardware store (I know because I used to work there), the occasional shot of bourbon in between reminiscent tears and making sure your important documents are enclosed in Ziploc bags (a great travel tip, by the way).  Of course there are an equal number of people who, like me, just sigh, try to remember you need to buy a few candles on your next trip to the grocery, and go about their day.  Now that I live in a land-locked safe zone, I don’t have much to worry about, but my insides still buzz at the thought of it. Nature humbles me (though the Army corps of engineers just angers me).

It’s hard to forget, and I don’t want to (hence the newest ink). Though it was an unbelievable tragedy, losing everything led to some great changes for me. It landed me on this trajectory after all, and I’ll always be reminded that I can live happily with just the clothes on my back and the support of friends and family. I think that’s a good thing to remember sometimes… That’s all for now. Sorry for the mush 🙂

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