Thank you!

I’m feeling thankful for a lot of things, including those of you who actually read the things I post on here. I’ve had 20,000 hits in the past year, so that’s not too shabby for a personal blog. I get a lot of cool comments and emails, and I appreciate all of them!

I’m in the mood for a makeover, so that might happen soon on the site. I get comments once in a while about how I should make this “all about New Orleans music” or “all about Tibetan music”, but you know, that’s just not what the purpose of this [personal] blog is. My musical world is full of so many cultures, and I know it’s difficult to reel in a following when I’m all over the place, but life is random like that – so am I.

Meanwhile – thanks, y’all … even the spammers who make my stats look higher than they really are 😉 


  1. You got 20,000 hits? Wow! That’s more than my blog would get if I kept it running for the rest of my life!

    And yes, thank you for writing. I read every entry, even the ones which are right over my head.

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