iPhone Post

Well this has been a hell of a start to a semester. I’m only a week and one day into it and I’m behind without having a moment to get ahead. Today was my attempt at doing that, and after sitting at a coffee house/friends’ house for a collective 11 hours, I feel like I added more to my teuxdeux than I crossed off! I may be slightly suicidal having registered for 14 credits + ensembles this semester… Oh and that whole thesis thing I’m supposed to get done.

There have been a few highlights already this semester. I spent the beginning of it at a rented beach house with a gaggle of friends, and went to my first ever football game this weekend. Two wins for me!

Anyhow, this is an iPhone post because my computer distracts me too much from reading (and yeah – I’m here writing this instead)…

I’m giving my first conference presentation this weekend – kinnnnnda psyched for that! It will be followed by another football game. From now until then picture me sitting in bed, at a desk, at a table, or on the floor with a book/article in front of me, highlighter in one hand and a pen in the other…



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