II:ethnomusicology resources:II

Below is my rolling ethnomusicology resource list. Feel free to comment at the bottom if there are more links that should be here or if any of the blogs are inactive.

General Ethnomusicology Resources:

Ethnomusicology Resources by Region:

Ethnomusicologist Sites and Blogs:

Online Journals:

Tibetan Music Resources:

General Music Resources:

Jazz Resources:



  1. A couple things: you should add the EVIADA project to your list – a digital archive of ethnomusicology resources (video, audio, etc) fieldwork resources (http://www.eviada.org/). Also, you might not have yet heard that the Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology changed it’s name just recently (I think even this month) to the Ethnomusicology Review though I think the old link should still work.

  2. I should also add Michael McDonald’s work – he’s all over the web so it’s hard to give you a single site to go to. Check out halfsharpmusic in a Google search (gotta plug a friend’s work). If you like what Denise (Dalphond) is doing you’ll find Michael’s stuff interesting.

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