Bands and Artists

a question for you

“Record companies used to charge a fee for making it possible for people to listen to recorded music. Now their main function is to prohibit people from listening to music unless they pay off these corporations.” – Bob Ostertag (Creative Life, p. 165) 

I propose that we no longer need music production teams. Put the money back into the hands of the artists themselves. Give them autonomy and cut out the non-creative middlemen altogether. Years ago, the production teams were needed to mix and master,  to aid in distribution and marketing, and to produce tangible records. Today, what’s the point? And, if this is the case, how can we change copyright/intellectual property laws to reflect the needs of todays’ artists? Discuss.

(p.s. I’m coming from a place of having worked briefly in a recording studio, and having taken many courses in audio production… as well as being a musician)