Indian Music

Zakir Hussain: “The Speaking Hand”

A colleague brought my attention to this fantastic documentary that concentrates on the art of tabla performance, which is available, in full, on YouTube.

Zakir is a Hindustani tabla player from Mumbai (son of Alla Rakha). Even if you’ve never heard his name, you have probably heard his work.  He has performed and collaborated with several American artists, including Bela Fleck.

Additionally, he’s composed several film scores (and starred in a few!).

The first segment of the documentary is below. Quite a bit of it is in Hindi, with German subtitles. You can view the rest on Youtube itself:

Part 1:

Badal Roy teaches my students the language of the tabla

Recently we were able to get Badal Roy as an SMS special guest. It’s the fourth time I’ve met him, but I’m glad I captured several parts of his presentation on video. He broke things down so simply for the kids – what an amazing master musician!