Short Videos from Dr. Anthony Seeger [ethnomusicologist, UCLA]

This is a small library of short video clips ranging from 1-8 minutes in length on various ethnomusicological topics.  They were recorded by (a fantastic music career development website), and are archived on their excellent YouTube channel.

Preserving Audio Recordings:

In this video, Dr. Seeger (bio here) talks about the importance and challenges of audio archiving.

Western Classical and Folk Music Traditions Around the World:

In this video, Dr. Seeger talks about Western classical musicians being introduced to folk traditions, and the musical fusions that happen between them.

Why Understand the Music of Other Cultures?

In this short video, Dr. Seeger discusses the benefit of learning new musical concepts from other cultures.

Discussing books on Ethnomusicology:

In this video, Dr. Seeger discusses how to introduce an ethno novice to the field, including helpful books to read.

Recent Changes in the Music Industry and How They Change the Musical Experience:

In this video, Dr. Seeger discusses changes in the music industry,  including dying agencies, self-production, and self-dissemination of music.

The Music of the Suyá Indians of Central Brazil:

In this video, Dr. Seeger discusses the main focus of his career.

What compels us?

What is it that compels some of us to pick up an instrument when we’re young, and never put it down?

I find myself wondering if the path I’ve taken as a musician is something I’ve done just out of habit? Out of familiarity? When I was seven, I wanted to be an author. Before that, I wanted to be a vet. Yet on the first day of 3rd grade, I walked into music class and the teacher handed me a recorder. A bunch of time went by and I remember playing a recorder duet with my best friend on stage in the cafeteria. Ode to Joy (shocked?). That’s my first musical memory.

What’s yours?