DSLR Shopping

Canon EOS Rebel T1i digital SLR camera, sold a...

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I’ve been a bit out of the loop for the past few days as I focus on enjoying my last two weeks of summer. I’ve also been DSLR window shopping. I’ve narrowed it down to six options:

Canon: EOS Rebel T2i, EOS Rebel T1i, EOS Rebel XSi

Nikon: D5100, D5000, D90

If anyone has any experience with this gear, let me know! It will be my first!

The Great Digital Camera Search of 2010

It’s official. I need a decent digital camera – preferably one that has video capabilities as well. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, as I am completely out of my element here. I’ve been using my iPhone as a camera for far too long.  I don’t want anything too expensive (more than a few hundred $$) and I don’t want anything that’s cumbersome to tote around.

That’s all – back to your regularly scheduled programming.